Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Were hiding away, for another day to pass

I'm in hiding,
Away from everything around me.
Take my music, sit, write, isolate myself.
Theres a guitar beside me, take it
and show me something beautiful.
A noise, a beautiful noise.

Still learning to play
Still learning to breathe.
I sit quietly in a room with nothing.
A guitar is all there is,
Nothing else in sight
but thats all thats needed.
A guitar to make a noise
A voice to make it go together
And someone to play for.

Reminding myself, this is a place of no judgement.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


All these memories are burning me alive
What you said, those names you told me I was
but I'm not.
The nights I spent crying hoping to just end my life.
To just be done with you,to be done with everyone;
Not another painful memory to go to my head, to remember what it felt like to be hurt, abused, talked about and pushed around.
Another night in my room, crying with memories of you, of me.

The scars are still there, I see them.
They're only noticeable if you look close enough.
I'm okay, I tell myself this everyday;
The pains gone, you're safe now.
They can see right through me, transparent, now I know the meaning.
Nobody, I have nobody.
Lies keep attacking me, nobody cares.
You're in this alone, they don't want to hear you're cry for help.
My life was meaningless.

The real me was there, looking for a way out.
Seeking motivation;
Realizing, I'm here for a reason.
end it, just quit...The lies return.
Stay strong, reminding myself who I am.
Who i want to be, "The Somebody"
I am someone, look in the mirror and see, I am a girl.
cared by somebody, thats all that matters.
To end it would hurt them, I have to stay strong.

Chin up, walking through a hall of people, people who notice.
I am somebody, you see...

Happiness has taken over.

Dear Jen, you're blog is coming soon..still not done writing it. :)